Dearmouring with Frits

Let go of stuck emotions, beliefs and traumas.

Release blockages and let your life energy flow again.

Experience relaxation and pleasure again.

Restore the self-healing capacity of your body.

Free yourself from unnecessary restraints and shame.

Come back to life with dearmouring!

What is dearmouring with Frits?

Emotions that you are not willing to feel can get stuck in your body and cause blockages on an emotional, mental, energetic, and spiritual level. These blockages can lead you to become increasingly tense, insensitive, irritable, lifeless or even sick. Dearmouring helps you to release these blockages and reconnect with your true self.

In every session I will reflect on your desires, fears and boundaries. This is how I create a "sacred space" in which everything is welcome, without judgement. Shouting, crying, laughing, excitement, arousel, movement... you don't have to withhold anything. All of you is welcome. Based on your intention we start each session with looking for muscle tension and blockages. Activating these blockages through dearmouring practices will uncover underlying emotions. During the session you're invited to be fully present for every emotion and give it space. This way blocked emotions can be released and tranformed, enabling your life energy to flow freely again. Dearmouring works through physical touch on an energetic, emotional and spiritual level.

What can you experience?

Trust, aliveness, lightness, relaxation, being in the present moment, being able to get out of your head, knowing who you are and what is moving in you, a relaxed pelvis, feeling soft, freedom of shame, daring to enjoy and receive life, being able to choose for yourself, showing yourself, feeling the life energy flow through you, relief of pain.

“The more consciousness you bring into the body, the stronger the immune system becomes. The body loves your attention. It is a potent form of healing.”
- Eckart Tolle

What are the possibilities?

Single session
Session of 2.5 to 3 hours: € 235 incl. VAT

"Transformation" package
5 sessions (within three months): € 995 incl. VAT

"Private retreat" arrangement
The package consists of a light meal on arrival in the late afternoon, a session (approx. 2.5 hours) in the evening, overnight stay in your own room, breakfast, session in the morning (approx. 2.5 hours) and lunch. Afterwards you are free to enjoy nature until mid-afternoon. Price € 595 incl. VAT.

If the price is challenging for you, please contact me.

Canceling or rescheduling your appointment is possible up to 48 hours before your session for a fee of € 50, -. If there's less than 48 hours to go till your sessoin, 50% of the rate will be charged.

A unique space

The space in which I work is quite exceptional. The round shaped ceremony room is built on rose quartz and clear quartz. The space is heated by a large wood-burning stove, the mattress is heated and the high-end sound system ensures that the music sounds beautiful and touches your heart.

Book a session

Please tell me a bit about yourself, your intention, where you stand and where you want to go. I will call you to check in with you as soon as I've read your email.

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About myself

Like many people, in the course of my life, I gathered a lot of tension in my body without being aware of it. This built up to a point where I was no longer able to feel my body. I was only able to enjoy extremly intense stimuli, such as hard work, coffee, porn, cum and heavy exercise. I even started smoking again in secret. Fortunately for me, I got serious erection problems. I am grateful to my body for this gift, because this made me willing to change everything in my life. Through dearmouring, tantra, Buddhism and meditation, I started to feel alive in my body again. In fact, I have never felt so much! My addictions and / or quest for extreme stimuli automatically disappeared into the background.

I specialized myself in working with life energy, shame and suppressed anger. I have received specific dearmouring knowledge and skills from, among others, Sofia Sundari, Sanna Sanita, Wendy Doeleman, De’an Matuka and Suzannne Roursgaard. In 2019 I completed the Dearmouring Practioner Training course at Dearmouring Arts (Estonia). I like to share my experience with the world through, amoung other things, dearmouring sessions, men's groups (Rage Club) and our beautiful retreat center Land van Yemaya.


Others about Frits

Sofie (28)

"Ik wil je allereerst zo ontzettend bedanken. Het respect dat je mijn lichaam en mij die daar in huist geeft. En dat je bij mij bent, met je aandacht, zorgzaamheid, je veiligheid en liefde. Ik voel heerlijke tevredenheid in mijn hartstreek, alsof mijn hart wil zeggen: ja zo dus, zo is het fijn! Het merkbare respect en de zorgzaamheid voor mij en mijn lichaam maakte dat ik me volledig veilig voelde. Gedurende de hele sessie was je aandacht bij mij. Ingetuned en afgestemd, een liefdevolle aanwezigheid. Dat maakte dat mijn hart zich kon openen, alle emoties er mochten zijn en dat ik steeds dieper kon ontspannen. Fijn dat je me aanmoedigde om mezelf vrij te laten en over te geven aan wat er in me leeft. Ik heb nog niet eerder zoveel in mijn lijf gevoeld, dit was heel bijzonder voor mij."

Ceciel (27)

"Frits! Even een note: je hebt geeeen idee hoeveel impact de sessies hebben gehad. Ik voelde me zo gespannen de dag voordat onze sessie was... omdat ik controle wil houden over mijn lichaam en niet wist wat het met me zou doen (bang voor oude spanningen).

Dit is precies wat ik nodig heb: lichaamswerk. Op de mentale en emotionele lagen heb ik al veel kunnen verwerken, maar dat lijf! Daar mag het nog meer loskomen. En deze vorm van therapie werkt dus voor mij. Ik kon goed naar huis rijden maar eenmaal aangekomen merkte ik het integreren: ik voelde nog loskomende boosheid, moest soms ineens heel erg lachen en was een beetje licht in mijn hoofd. Maar wat ik ook heb gemerkt is dat het nog niet klaar is. Ik wil dus meer. Als het even kan plannen we nog twee/drie sessies over een aantal weken."

Linde (28)

"I highly recommend Frits if you want to do some deep inner work. I have done de-armouring with Frits and he holds a very safe and clear space. He has a strong, yet loving presence which allowed me to sink deep into myself and surrender fully to that which was present in my body at that moment. I am grateful for his work and that he guided me to look at parts of myself which I had not yet witnessed. If you want to work with a man who is present, loving, strong and highly skilled - Frits is your man."

Kim (39)

"Bedankt voor de fijne sessie vandaag. Ben enorm blij hoe ik me heb kunnen openen en overgeven aan je. Ik vond het prettig hoe je me aanvoelde en hoe je met me werkte zodat ik helemaal kon zijn. Wauw….wat een geschenk! Ik voel me helemaal open en in een staat van bliss. Dank je wel dat je me weer een stapje dichter bij mezelf hebt gebracht en dat ik dit heb mogen ervaren."

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